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Do you enjoy working in front of a camera? Does the prospect of a career in acting ignite your passion for creativity? Have you been told that you have talent on the stage or on screen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a local company may have the perfect opportunity for you! They’re currently hosting auditions in New York for a wide variety of opportunities in acting, movies, and more. You’ll love the chance to bring your dreams to life, and we look forward to helping you achieve them. We know you’ve worked hard to get where you are, to develop your skills, and to overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way, and that’s why we’re so excited to give you the chance that you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’d like to work for a Disney, Nickelodeon, or Tyler Perry production, we have the right acting job to meet your particular set of skills and the project for which you’re sure to have a burning passion.

Are you interested in comedy, drama, or romance movies or tv shows? Regardless of your preferred method or genre, we can help you find an interesting piece that you’ll love. Or are you looking for commercial auditions? Because we share the same passion for acting that you do, we hope that you’ll consider this opportunity to take the next step in your career and improve your standing in the community by building a resume and professional portfolio and tape. We feature a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled professionals that have an eye for talent. And, we’ll work hard to make sure that you get a fair chance at every role and that your skill is recognized for what it is so that you have the best chance for success.

We know you have talent, but in what area does it lie? Are you a singer? A model? Do you like to act? Whatever you specialize in, we’ve got the right role for you! Or perhaps you’d like to try something new! We offer you the chance to work in movies, commercials, or you can even audition for The Voice!

Whether you’d like to wow us with your gorgeous singing, make us laugh with your jokes, or cry with your uncanny ability to evoke emotion from an audience, we can’t wait to meet you. Are you in love with the idea of someday appearing on the silver screen, television, or on stage? NBC’s The Voice is a great way to get your voice out there! We know we are, and we can offer you the chance to get there so you can live your dream.

If you’re a teenager and would like to take the next step to further your acting career, then look no further. This is the place for you to put your skills to the test! Apply for your next audition today!

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